Build a life FREE of Diets, Fatigue, and Stress!

Behavior modification.
Change your lifestyle.
Group dynamics and feedback.
Change the way you eat and think about food.
Get exposed to different types of exercise.

Tuesday, September 24, 7-8 pm
Wednesday, October 30, 1-2 pm
Saturday, November 23, 11 am-12 pm
Contact Sarah Brunner to register.

About the Program:

  • Results-oriented fitness and nutrition education program
  • Weekly Meetings: choose from Tuesdays 6-8pm, Wednesdays 12-2pm, or Saturdays 10am-12pm
  • $375 for members, $575 for non-members (includes 90-day individual membership)
  • Groups range from 10-20 participants. Youth may participate if accompanied by a parent. We reserve the right to change or cancel classes based on enrollment.

This is a lifestyle change, NOT just another diet or workout plan. The HealthyCARE 90-Day Program is a comprehensive wellness program that is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively manage your health and prevent chronic disease. With the guidance and support of your wellness team, you will learn the fundamental aspects of nutrition, exercise, stress management techniques, and behavior modification. At the end of the program, you will have acquired skills and motivation to sustain your goals for a lasting lifestyle change.

Program Includes:

  • Weekly 2-hour group session
    • 1-hour education and discussion on nutrition, behavior modification strategies, and stress management techniques
    • 1-hour of exercise education that will cover proper use of equipment & form, basic strength training technique, group exercise classes, and more!
  • Two comprehensive wellness assessments
    • Fasting blood sugar and blood lipid panel
    • Baseline body composition measurements
    • Fitness assessment
    • Medical and lifestyle history
  • Resource binder along with weekly menus, recipes, and tips
  • Access to Myzone Heart Rate Monitor & Trainer-Monitored Fitness Tracking App for the duration of the program ($75 value)
  • Online portal to establish individual wellness plans and track progress
  • Dedicated support system, accountability, and group camaraderie to keep participants motivated and inspired
  • Constant access to a Wellness Coach/Registered Dietitian
  • 3-months full access to Elite Sports Clubs (all locations)

You Will:

  • Learn methods of stress management
  • Engage in new exercises to stimulate change in the body
  • Learn optimal nutrition strategies to stimulate fat burning
  • Receive healthy recipes and eating plans to keep you on track
  • Track and journal your progress through the online portal
  • See significant changes in your health and learn how to maintain them

Typical Improvements:

  • Average weight loss of 17.5 lbs
  • Average waist size reduction of three inches
  • Average blood pressure drop of 5%
  • Average cholesterol drop of 10%
  • Average blood sugar drop of 5%

How to Register:


  • For further questions or more information contact Sarah Brunner, RDN, CD at [email protected]

Real people. Real Challenges. Real results.

“What a GREAT program that encompasses three things: the way you SHOULD eat, the group bonding that you get with others on the same journey, and learning a new class every week. I’ve learned so much and do not plan on going back to the way I ate. I feel absolutely wonderful!!! If you put in the effort, you will be rewarded. Thank you!”
-Pam Koehler, Participant

“I feel like the plan helped me to manage my lifelong appetite issues and have confidence on a go forward basis that I can maintain the great habits I have acquired in the program. I highly recommend the program to anyone who has struggled to lose weight and then maintain the losses.”
-Steve Conway, Participant

“The greatest benefit I received from the program was a lifestyle change. I am enjoying feeling better, no more hot flashes and no more headaches. I feel great and want to continue my new way of life.”
– Laura Ryan, Participant

“When I first started the Program I had expectations of what I wanted to get out of it but I was shooting too low. I never thought I would get the results I’m am still getting to this day. My goal when starting was to lose 5 to maybe 10 pounds, well I am currently at 16 pounds and still going down. I have had to buy new pants and belts and I have never been happier to do so. Normally if I have had to buy new clothing I have had to go UP in size. I attribute that weight loss to better eating habits and the support and coaching from my coach Sarah. Sarah sent out suggested meal plans as well as recipes that even a kitchen Knucklehead like me could follow. Through Sarah, I learned the cause and effect of eating poorly as well as eating healthier.

I would recommend this program to anyone that really is SERIOUS about becoming a healthier person. The blueprint that is laid out for us participants made the program doable. I completed my 13-week program about two months ago and what I am most proud of is that I truly don’t feel like I’m continuing a PROGRAM I feel like I’m going on with my new lifestyle. Life is a Marathon; you can either watch it from the refrigerator or get in the race and live a longer healthier life. This program gets you in the game.”
-Riley Enright, Participant

“YES, YES, YES!!! I would highly recommend the Program to ALL! As my life turned the corner of 60 years young, I committed myself to the program and over the 13 weeks, lost 12 pounds!! The comprehensive program changed my lifestyle to a cleaner diet, varied exercise and strength training routine. Sarah Brunner, a registered dietitian, the various physical trainers and group members all encouraged my discipline and success. The program provided the knowledge and tools to create healthy lifestyle changes which helped me lose 4 more pounds since the 13-week class ended. I am so happy that I did this because I feel stronger and better! Thank you to the Elite Team!!”
– Beth Leder-Shein, Participant

“I have been on other programs that focused on weight loss. This program focused on improving the individual’s health of which weight loss was only one of the benefits. Learning to choose one food over another after being taught some of the science and reasoning behind the choice helped me a lot. Sarah is an asset to the program. She did not parrot the reading material but added real-life application examples to the subject being covered. Sarah always provided a summary of the previous night’s topic the next day including any recipes, exercise, or tracking sheets that were not a part of the binder material. Lastly, I respect that Sarah always participated in the group exercise portion of the program. She walked the talk. A valued attribute of a good leader.”
– Mike Brown, Participant

“People who knew me before this program would have considered me generally healthy, but looks can be deceiving. I don’t have the best family health history going for me—high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease…it’s all there. I realized that I’d have to work a little harder to fight my genetics. By the time I finished this program my cholesterol was way down, along with my blood sugar and blood pressure. And it didn’t really feel like work either. I had so much fun with the group learning more about nutrition, fitness, and stress, as well as sharing tips, advice, and in our successes. Now I’m determined to not let my genetics get the best of me, that little bit of extra effort is so worth it.”
– Tiffany Hock, Participant

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