Practice Your Golf Game in the Off-Season

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While golf can be played year-round in some parts of the country, unfortunately that is not the case here in Wisconsin. For those of us that stick around Wisconsin through winter, we long for spring when we can hit the course again. However, you can now keep practicing your swing mechanics at our golf simulator at Elite Sports Club-River Glen!

Practice Golf Indoors

The influential golfer Bobby Jones once said “Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between your ears.” While golf is largely a mental game, you still need the technical skills and precision to perform on the course.

The long winters of Wisconsin can throw off your game. Practice makes perfect, and golf is certainly no exception. The golf simulator at Elite gives you the opportunity to work on your swing mechanics when the weather doesn’t allow you to play outdoors.

How Does It Work?

The golf simulator itself is made up of an impact screen held up by a revolutionary tension system. The artificial turf mat creates a realistic hitting surface that allows you to swing down and through for each shot. Featuring numerous sensors, the golf simulator is incredibly accurate in determining shot trajectory based on your swing. Microphones also detect the time it takes for the ball to make contact with the screen to determine ball speed. The TruFlight software provides an analysis of every shot so you can see what went wrong and make corrections. Put all this together and you get a very realistic simulation of your golf shot. And yes, club selection does matter!

Putting works similarly to swinging. The sensors on the mat determine ball speed and direction. It will be up to you to read the green on the course, however. We recommend turning on “gimmes” within 10 feet to speed up play.

Golf practice aside, you’ll be immersed in the high quality image of whatever course you’re playing on. You can choose from dozens of world-class courses from around the globe.

Play for Fun

Simulated golf rounds can be played with up to 4 players. You’re more than welcome to make a social outing out of your experience as well. If you don’t feel like playing a full round out on the course, you can also hit at the “range” or play several mini games.

How to Tee Off

If you’re ready to hit the virtual links and practice your game in the offseason, call Elite-River Glen to make your reservation today!

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