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Yoga Etiquette: Don’t Disturb the Flow

Yoga is a time to restore and rejuvenate, and in order to obtain these benefits you have to be willing to disconnect and turn off the outside world. Be present in the moment, quiet the mind, and take a technology break!

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Developing a Strong Core (Inside & Out) Through Pilates & Yoga

The development of a strong and healthy midsection, and the development of a strong and healthy mind can both be accomplished simultaneously through two different paths. Both Yoga and Pilates can increase core strength as well as developing fortitude of spirit. We focus on increasing the strength of the body through movement (the Asanas or […]

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Progress in Your Yoga Practice

There are endless amounts of benefits of practicing yoga. Yoga has become more popular yet many men (and women) consider yoga to be for women. At Elite I have seen growth in men attending yoga classes. I would say anywhere from 20-30% of men are now practicing yoga as they share their thoughts on how […]

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