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7 Steps to Improve Your Confidence

“Be confident.” It’s easier said than done. Confidence is an ability that we all possess and do both consciously and unconsciously throughout the day, yet we are all guilty of falling victim to our fears, doubts, and intimidations.

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3 Tips for How to Make a Decision (the Right Way)

Setting and achieving personal goals can be a daunting process. One of the most difficult steps is making a decision of what it actually is that we would like to achieve. We may also battle our ability to commit and follow through with appropriate actions. I put together a few short videos that might help you to determine, […]

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How to Break Through Mental Barriers to Accomplish Your Goals

Many of us have lost weight at some point in our lives. But not quite so many have kept it off. So today, let’s explore one of the reasons you might be on a roller coaster. Sure, food tastes good, and thankfully, here in America, it’s plenty. We are, for the most part, genetically programmed to […]

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