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Member Stories: Isabela Sardas – Triathlete and Boston Marathon Runner

Isabela Sardas and her family have been members at Elite Sports Clubs since the day the pool opened in Mequon. An avid swimmer and runner, Isabela used the clubs to train for triathlons and marathons. Since 2008, Isabela has run 17 marathons, including the Boston Marathon 5 times. Even though she doesn’t run them as […]

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6 Tips for Swim Breathing

There’s so much to think about while swimming. To some it comes naturally, to others it takes hours of practice and instruction. In any case, learning a few new tips here and there is always helpful for new and experienced swimmers alike. Here’s some pointers to help you improve your swim breathing technique.

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10 Tips for a Triathlon

People everywhere are becoming triathletes, for a variety of reasons: enhanced self-esteem, an end goal to make exercise and fitness more worthwhile, feelings of accomplishment, and group camaraderie. Because of the three-sport format, there are often three times as many questions and three times as much advice on the “best” ways to do one. Below […]

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