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5 Ways to Measure Weight Loss Without a Scale

So you’ve been putting in the work to lose a few extra pounds, tone up, or just get a little healthier. That’s awesome! But losing weight is about more than just numbers, and you should never judge your success or your health solely based on the scale. Here are few ways to know you’re making progress without hopping […]

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Stop Saying Tomorrow

Establishing and maintaining lifestyle changes can be challenging. The perceived difficulty alone can discourage us from ever even attempting to change our behaviors. However, success can be found through a multi-step process that includes setting goals, staying accountable, and reflecting on your progress. Stop saying tomorrow and follow these steps to get where you want […]

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Hold Yourself Accountable by Tracking Activity

Statistics are useful in so many different ways. Just like in business, healthcare, and science, health and fitness metrics can be analyzed over a period of time to reveal trends. These trends can be used to help determine what future actions should be taken. If you already have goals you’re working towards, tracking activity on […]

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