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How to Avoid Temptation Around the Holidays

The holiday season, also known as the season of extra calories, is upon us. Everywhere you turn you’re bombarded with cookies, candy, chocolate, appetizers, drinks, and more! Most Americans gain weight during the holiday season and few end up losing that weight after the holidays have ended. Follow these tips to keep you on track […]

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10 Tips for Holiday Meal Planning

Tips for Holiday Meal Planning Holiday parties, gift buying, and baking, oh my! Meal planning can be challenging at any time of year. Add in the stress of the holidays and it can quickly become a disorganized mess. Need help keeping up the festivities while maintaining organization and feeding your family well-balanced meals? Follow these […]

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9 Tips For Having a Healthy Thanksgiving

Let’s face it, Thanksgiving is primarily centered around food. Of course there’s a deeper meaning behind the holiday, but our celebrations generally focus on gravy-laden turkey, buttery mashed potatoes, stuffing, and a healthy dose of sweet pumpkin pie. Delicious? Absolutely! Easy on the waistline? Not so much. To help, we’ve listed a few tips to […]

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