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5 Tennis Technique Tips & Warm-Ups

Want to practice your tennis technique or warm-up before your next match? Watch our series of instructional videos where our USPTA certified tennis pro will walk you through various warm-up drills and offer tennis technique tips.

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The Difference Between Static and Dynamic Stretching

Do you start your workout by stretching? If not, you should be in order to prevent injury. If you do, are you doing effective stretches and are you doing them correctly? There are two different types of stretches: static streching and dynamic stretching. In this blog, we will define, describe, and explain some common differences […]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Tennis

DON’T: Skip Your Warm-Up. Tennis demands a lot from your body – jumping into a tennis match without having warmed-up is like making a snow angel in your swimsuit. DO: Make sure your pre-match warm-up consists of some light cardio and a few tennis specific warm-up drills.  And don’t forget to stretch after warming up – wouldn’t want to […]

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