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Nutrition Breakdown of Girl Scout Cookies

As Girl Scout cookie season approaches, it may be time to take a closer look at how your favorites rank in terms of calories, fat, and sugar content per serving. Here’s a breakdown of Girl Scout cookie nutrition (or rather lack thereof).

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Can Too Much Caffeine Affect Your Sweet Tooth?

Ever wonder why you crave something extra sugary and sweet after consuming too much caffeine? There is a scientific reason behind this phenomenon. Let’s take a look at what causes your body to crave sugar after drinking too much caffeine and how to fix it.

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New Recommendation Regarding Sugar Intake

It should not really be surprising that a dietary recommendation has come along to help us with a possible need to cut back on sugar. For years the USDA has been saying that the sugar in our diet was an important ingredient, but that because it did not contain any real “nutrition” it was not going to […]

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