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Common Sources of Vitamin D

When you hear someone say vitamin D, your first thought may be about the sun. What if we told you that there are natural food sources of vitamin D that are just as useful and effective as stepping outside in the sunshine? Ever wonder why vitamin D is so important anyway? Stay tuned to find […]

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What to Bring to a Healthy Summer Cookout

Curious how to stay healthy and still participate in the summer social scene? Attending summer cookouts or tailgating might pose challenges when you’re trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle. However, try a few of these recipes as healthy alternatives to the traditional staples so you can stick to your plan!

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12 Ways to Have Active Kids This Summer

Summer is a time when school-age kids rejoice; it’s a break from classes, homework, and schedules. Free time equals lazy time, right? Well, maybe in the minds of the kids. However, allowing them to make every day of summer a lazy day can turn into a wasted summer with some unhealthy consequences. Wondering how you […]

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