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FREE 1-Month Push-Up Challenge

The Elite Sports Clubs Push-Up Challenge Have you been wanting to see more definition in your arms, shoulders, and core?  Have you been looking to increase your upper body strength? Is osteoporosis a concern for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then take the 1-Month Push-Up Challenge!

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Developing Strong and Toned Arms

Is it time to lose the sleeves and the jiggle? How about the double wave? You know, when you start waving, and your arm just keeps flapping in the breeze? Or maybe you just want to be able to carry the groceries easily, or play with and pick up your child or grandchild? So let’s […]

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Boxing: Not Just Sweaty Guys Breaking Noses

When I mention the word boxing, what image comes to mind? My guess would be two sweaty guys trying to pound each other in an attempt to earn the right to call themselves “the best.” You may imagine broken noses, cut eyes, foreheads not unlike that of a Neanderthal. In fact, I would bet that […]

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