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Recovery Training Following a Knee Injury

Many people experience knee injuries or knee pain throughout their life for various reasons. Whether you are recovering from a torn ligament, surgery, or tendonitis, getting back into exercise post-injury is essential to help improve strength and stability in the knee and prevent further injury. It is important to ease yourself back into exercises and […]

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Travel Workouts for the Car and Airplane

Are your frequent travels cutting into your time at the gym? You can make the most of your time on the plane or in the car with some simple stretches and workouts. These travel workouts will engage different muscle groups and keep you moving so you don’t feel stiff or uncomfortable when sitting during those […]

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The Difference Between Static and Dynamic Stretching

Do you start your workout by stretching? If not, you should be in order to prevent injury. If you do, are you doing effective stretches and are you doing them correctly? There are two different types of stretches: static streching and dynamic stretching. In this blog, we will define, describe, and explain some common differences […]

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Joint Mobility – Use It, or Lose it!

  A good level of joint mobility allows a person to perform movements without restriction, while a person with good flexibility may not have the strength, coordination, or balance to execute the same movement. A good point to remember is good flexibility does not always denote good mobility.

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5 Everyday Stretches for Tennis Players

Tennis need not be strenuous on your joints and muscles. Some simple everyday stretches can help prevent wear and tear on your body. Here are 5 to do just that.

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