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Sports Injury: A Mini Guide to Maximum Recovery

Many of us get caught up in the chaos of our daily routines, which include work, household chores, getting children to practice, or whatever the case may be. Then finding time to get in exercise on top of everything else can be a challenge. It can be easy to sustain an injury without even realizing […]

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Superfoods to Maximize Your Recovery After Injury

Experiencing an injury can be devastating, not only physically but also, emotionally.  Injury catches us completely off-guard and can even stop the best of athletes dead in their tracks.  Often, emphasis on recovery is placed on physical therapy, excercises and stretches to help us physically strengthen our bodies.  While all the above is necessary and […]

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Heal Faster With ARPWave Technology

Many Elite members have used ARPWave Therapy to rapidly recover from sports injuries. Want to know if ARP is appropriate for your injury or pain?

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