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A Spoonful of Sugar: The Cereal Trap & Guidelines for Sugar Intake

Every night, millions of Americans hit the sack for a 7-8 hour opportunity to recharge the batteries. As we sleep, our bodies work hard to keep our hearts pumping blood, our lungs breathing, and our brains constantly functioning. This takes work on the part of the body, and in the morning, our body is looking […]

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Exercise Can Help Mitigate COVID-19 Risk Factors

We all know the importance of exercise and its numerous health benefits. During this pandemic, you might find yourself struggling with conflicting ideas: gain weight while inactive at home, or go to the gym and risk contracting coronavirus from someone. We’d like to help you make a decision by alleviating your fears and providing information […]

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Can Push-Ups Be an Indicator of Heart Health?

Typically, a treadmill test is used to evaluate an individual’s cardiovascular health. However, a recent study conducted out of Harvard Medical School shows that the ability to perform push-ups might also be an indicator of heart health.

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