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Ways to Squeeze In 10-Minute Exercises Throughout Your Day

Would you be able to squeeze in 10-minute exercises here and there, even on your busiest of days? 45-60 minutes is the recommended amount of time to be spent exercising for weight loss and fitness. But sometimes finding that chunk of time every day is a challenge. And other times, it’s just not going to […]

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6 Strength Training Exercises You Should Try Today!

Strength training and building muscle are essential parts of a healthy and fit lifestyle. Many studies have shown that the more muscle mass you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate. So unlike traditional cardio, strength training gives you an afterburn. This means that your body will continue to burn calories for up to 72 hours after you […]

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Time for Tabata

This past week marks the first time I have worked out since July 2013.  I have an excuse; at least for the first 9 months of my 17 month sabbatical.  I was pregnant with my son, and for numerous reasons, was advised not to exercise.  However, for the remaining 8 months each day was accompanied by a […]

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