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Healthy Dessert to Bring to Work

Instead of celebrating at the office with more cookies, cakes, or brownies, try this recipe for a delicious and healthy change. These chocolate chip and coconut oatmeal bars are lower in added sugar due to the natural sweetness from the honey and coconut flakes. They contain healthy fats and protein so they satisfy our bellies […]

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Does Exercising Improve Your Productivity at Work?

Have you ever thought about how exercise improves your life beyond just looking and feeling better? Well according to a few studies, exercise can increase your job productivity too! And the best part? The type of exercise doesn’t seem to matter, you’ll get at least some benefit no matter what activity you do.

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Say Goodbye to Workplace Strain & Injury! Stretch at Your Desk

Stretching isn’t just for workouts. By taking 10 minutes to stretch each workday, you can minimize your chance of job-related strain and injury. And, ten minutes is well worth the expense when you consider the high-dollar health claims that stretching can prevent.

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