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6 Fun Body Facts

Here are a few facts about your body. How many do you know? How heavy is the average human head? How much blood does the normal human body contain? About what percent of our blood is made up of water? On average, how many muscles do we have in our body? How many pairs of […]

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Does Lifting Cause Women to Bulk Up?

Listen up ladies, this blog is for you! Do you avoid weight training because you’re afraid of “bulking up” and becoming man-like? It’s not uncommon for women to think this way, as many are looking to tone their muscles rather than put on muscle mass. Let’s look into this way of thinking and see if […]

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Is Muscle Soreness Good or Bad?

We’ve all been there when we go to the gym and have a fantastic workout. We’re feeling great, strong, and fit. Then a day or two later, we wake up and our muscles feel stiff, achy, and sore. Why is this? What causes muscle soreness? Let’s explore what muscle soreness is and if it is […]

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