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What “Stop Saying Tomorrow” Means

There are always a million excuses to not go to the gym. Determination is a choice. However, finding the proper mentality to succeed can be challenging. Remind yourself to “Stop Saying Tomorrow” and choose to put in the effort that’s required to reach your goals!

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Instructor Highlight: Julie Eusebio

Julie Eusebio is a group exercise instructor at our Elite Sports Clubs location in Brookfield on Burleigh Rd. She currently teaches cycling classes but has taught all sorts of classes over the past decade.

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How Having a "Mantra" Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals

For the past year and a half, I’ve been coaching a phenomenal high school punter. He is now ranked third in all of the land! After his junior season in three months, he will be undoubtedly receiving every top ranked school’s scholarship. This will allow him to have the opportunity to choose wherever he wants to go for […]

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