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Try These Foods to Improve Your Mood

Feeling down this winter? This condition, known as seasonal affective disorder, is common due to the lack of sunlight. There are a number of things you can do to counteract these negative feelings, such as diet and exercise. Try these foods to improve your mood!

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Does Exercising Improve Your Productivity at Work?

Have you ever thought about how exercise improves your life beyond just looking and feeling better? Well according to a few studies, exercise can increase your job productivity too! And the best part? The type of exercise doesn’t seem to matter, you’ll get at least some benefit no matter what activity you do.

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Use Exercise to Reduce Stress

Who among us isn’t stressed in some way or another? As we go through life we experience many situations that can lead to either short or long-term stress. I’m not about to start naming them, but I can certainly give first hand testimony to that! Raise your hand if you agree… Okay, so how do […]

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