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Go with the Flow with These Milwaukee Yoga Classes

Become one with mind and body in the best yoga classes in Milwaukee at Elite Sports Clubs! The popularity of yoga as a form of exercise has seen it evolve into many types of classes. From hot yoga to relaxing gentle yoga, each class offers something unique, depending on what you want out of your […]

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10 Reasons Yoga is for EveryBODY

Those who practice yoga know that’s it’s great for strength, flexibility, and calms the mind. However, there are certain groups who are hesitant to try because of preconceived notions that they wouldn’t be able to or don’t see the value. We’re here to tell you that yoga is for everybody.

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Instructor Highlight: Jim Mussomelli

Jim Mussomelli is a highly passionate yoga instructor at our West Brookfield location who loves to share his enthusiasm of yoga with everyone. Learn more about Jim’s passion for yoga, what made him become a yoga instructor and his philosophy on health and fitness!

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