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Summer Grilling: Rainbow Salmon Skewers Recipe

Summer is grilling season! If you’re looking for something new to grill, try this fun rainbow salmon skewers recipe! This recipe is low sugar, very high in protein, and packed with flavor. Try topping salad, brown or wild rice, couscous or quinoa, with these delicious skewers for a quick, filling meal.

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How to Properly Grill a Steak

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, that means summer is coming. With summer comes grilling season, unless you are crazy enough to grill during winter. Nothing is better than grilling a great steak after a day of doing yard work or hanging with some friends. However, getting your steak just right […]

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Watermelon Mint Salad Recipe

This homemade watermelon mint salad is super refreshing and perfect for the summer. Its wonderful bouquet of flavors and tastes will be great at your next outing with family and friends. You can even try using fresh mint from your own garden!

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Barbecued Tofu in a Bun Recipe

Tofu picks up the remarkable taste of this barbecued sandwich mixture. It’s very good on rice as well. As a chief form of vegetable based protein, this soy-based Barbecued Tofu recipe is one to keep in mind on those “meat-less” days.

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A Guide to Choosing Healthier Condiments

Most of the time we think primarily about the meat entrée we are going to serve for dinner, and not about the condiments we are going to serve with it. Today, we have many different choices to suit anyone’s palate, but what about all those added ingredients in condiments? For example, there are a variety of various ketchups, mustards, mayonnaise […]

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Summer Grill Goodness: Revamp your backyard barbecue with these amazing recipes

Let me guess, you’re grilling up hot dogs, hamburgers, and your occasional steak this summer. Sure, they’re crowed pleasers and we want to make people happy. But let’s not be so boring this summer and liven up the next back yard get together or tailgate.

Try these recipes to do just that….

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