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Active Grandkids – Five Ways to Keep Up!

Staying active and keeping up with your grandkids is essential when you become a grandparent. Being a grandparent is an honor. It’s a fun and exciting time. But grandkids can be restless and energetic because they love to play and are always on the move. By being a grandparent, you’ll want to join in on […]

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Passing Healthy Habits To Future Generations

They say “habits last a life time.” But what happens if bad habits rub off on future generations? Establishing healthy habits for your own good may also set an example for the generations that follow you, leaving a legacy and foundation for your loved ones to live a higher quality of life.

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Staying Active & Fit With Your Grandkids

Grandparents play profoundly important roles in the lives of their grandkids. Establishing connections with your grandkids is important to begin at a young age and can not only can create routines, activities and memories, but also hold you accountable to remain active to enjoy and build on these shared activities as they get older. Here […]

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Tips For Keeping Your Aging Parents Healthy & Fit

So, your parents have entered their golden years. The days of going to a 9-to-5 job are over, and now their time is occupied with playing bridge and spoiling your children. And while the stresses of being young and working are beginning to wear off, so too can the desire to remain fit and active.

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Raising Healthy Eaters from Preschool to High School

Food, nutrition, and eating skills are among the most important things you can share with children — food to fuel busy, successful lives, nutrition to nourish strong bodies and smart brains, and eating skills to enjoy the social aspect of meals with family and friends. As with any part of raising children, no one does a perfect […]

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