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7 Pool Games We Play During Swim Lessons

When teaching one-on-one swimming lessons with children, it is important to keep the kids engaged and the activities interactive. With short attention spans and lots to learn in only 30 minutes, it is important to keep the lesson fun and interesting. One of the best ways to do this is to turn the skills you […]

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Active Play at the Quad

In a world where technology becomes somewhat of a necessity in a lot of our lives, unfortunately it also becomes a major distraction, especially for kids. Taking breaks from screen time and encouraging active play is essential for the development of young kids. Bringing your kids to the club is a great way for them […]

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12 Backyard Games To Get Out And Play This Summer

Oh sweet summertime. It’s time for sunshine, lemonade, and (most importantly) no school. While it may seem tempting to stay in the house with the air conditioning on high all summer binge watching Netflix, it’s still super important to get out and get active. Here are 12 summer backyard games to get your kids off […]

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