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Functional Fitness: A Workout for Everyone

A healthy fitness lifestyle is about how we live, not how we look! A functional fitness lifestyle will equip you to strengthen your body for everyday activities. Consequently, bad posture, aging, desk jobs, or lifting heavy objects will result in our bodies not functioning the way they should. No matter how fit or strong we become, […]

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Ballet Barre – It’s Not Just for Girls Anymore!

It’s true that ladies tend to gravitate to the ballet barre workouts due to its emphasis on strength in full range of motion, focus on muscular endurance, and creating a leaner line, versus a large “bulky” physique.  But men also love the barre class, because it fine tunes the body, and works well if you […]

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Your Guide on Functional Exercise and Functional Strength

The fitness industry is so full of buzz words that it can get overwhelming at times. Fascia, SMR, functional exercise, functional strength, body weight training, HIIT…it’s dizzying how the industry can make basic movement sound so complicated. It’s impossible to thoroughly explain all of them at once, so we’ll start with two related terms. Let’s […]

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