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Vitamin C: Does it Help Prevent Colds?

The Relationship Between Vitamin C and Cold Prevention Every cold and flu season, you might see ads or hear rumors that suggest taking high doses of Vitamin C will prevent illness. Let’s see if those rumors are true, what the recommended daily intake should be, and the best sources of Vitamin C.

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The Super Heroes of Food: "To Boost & Protect!"

With cold and flu season quickly approaching, heading out to the pharmacy every week can get time consuming — and expensive. But finding the best solutions to fight those pesky bugs and viruses could be right in your kitchen!

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Four of the Best Foods You Should be Eating Regularly

For a long time, the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has been speaking in very general terms to “eat a variety of foods.” Today, scientists are able to be more specific about their research in order to target those foods that will help you prevent certain kinds of illnesses and disease processes. These include […]

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