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Balance Can Make the Difference

The ability to balance may seem like second nature to some but it is extremely valuable to every age group. While it may not be on top of most people’s priority list, it’s still important to incorporate into your routine. Let’s look at the benefits of balance training and a few sample balance exercises.

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Fall Prevention – Just in Time for Fall!

It can happen to anyone—tripping and falling is just a part of walking upright. But as we get older, the odds of taking a tumble increase, and the repercussions are potentially more serious. So, how can we stack the deck in our favor? Here are some fall prevention tactics and exercises.

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Are You Balanced?

Have you ever had your feet fly out from underneath you on slippery pavement? That feeling usually sends your heart into a panic! No matter who you are–an athlete, a multitasking 30 something, middle aged, or a senior–you can benefit from working on your balance. It only takes a few minutes a day to see […]

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