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5 Freestyle Swimming Drills for Your Next Swim Workout

Here’s a variety of freestyle swimming drills to make the stroke faster and more efficient. Even elite swimmers revisit these basics every so often to make necessary adjustments or strengthen weaknesses in their technique. Below are 5 freestyle swimming drills worth practicing regularly. Also, I’ve included two sample sets that I use often as a part of larger workouts.

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Tennis Warm-up: Catch Pass Mini Rally

Today’s lesson on the catch pass mini rally is another segment in the tennis warm-up category where we will test your racquet control. This is the third video in the mini-tennis series, so if you have not seen the “Bump-Bounce-Hit” or “Bump-Pass” videos, make sure you check those out first as they are the preceding […]

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Tennis Warm-up: Bump-Pass Volley

In the second video of our mini tennis warm-up series we will be talking about the “Bump-Pass” rally to help you focus on the control of the ball and racquet. If you have not seen the first video in the mini-tennis series “Bump-Bounce-Hit”, make sure to watch the first as that is a prerequisite to […]

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