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What Diet Will Work For You?

Imagine someone in your life. Now imagine that you’re going to wear their clothes for a day. Chances are, that day isn’t going to be comfortable. Whether it be a significant other, elder, child, or friend, their clothes likely won’t fit you very well, if at all. Just as with clothing, the same diet isn’t […]

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The 30 Year History Of Dieting

Dieting. Who loves dieting? You? No? If you do you’re probably in the minority. However we’ve all probably tried to diet at some point. And speaking of some point, ever wonder what dieting was like 30 years ago? Let’s take a look shall we?

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6 Food Rules to Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution Going

It seems that a majority of people cannot agree on anything; tastes great or less filling, original Star Wars or digitally enhanced, David Lee Roth or Sammy Hager, etc. But the one thing they can agree on is a great majority of New Years resolutions deal with weight loss. Turn on the TV and you will be bombarded by what […]

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