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Turn off the Tech: Modern Mindfulness Tips

Modern technology and daily stressors seem to pull our attention in ten different ways at once. It’s easy to get lost in a social media newsfeed, read a succession of blog articles, or get hooked on Youtube videos or Netflix episodes. What better way to avoid the temptation by eliminating it altogether! Limiting your and […]

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Food Products to Make the "Healthy Life" More Convenient

Every couple of weeks there are new foods products that are convenient and easy for you to use to help you work towards that healthy life! Take a look at these four items that are definitely worth a try.

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Family-Centered Eating & Healthy Snacks

In today’s frantic, busy world have the days of family dinners been all but lost? Do your kids’ after school activities consume your weeknights; leaving little time for cooking, let alone actually sitting down together to enjoy a meal?

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