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Personal Trainers: Accountability Personified

As a trainer, I often say that my job is to be accountability, personified. I’m the one that shows up. I plan the exercise routine, I come in to work, and I’m ready to work. I’m the person waiting for you to show up to class at 6 a.m., or to our training session at […]

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3 Tips for How to Make a Decision (the Right Way)

Setting and achieving personal goals can be a daunting process. One of the most difficult steps is making a decision of what it actually is that we would like to achieve. We may also battle our ability to commit and follow through with appropriate actions. I put together a few short videos that might help you to determine, […]

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4 Benefits of Training With Your Significant Other

Do you and your significant other want to try something new together? Do you want to improve your relationship? I was just reading an article from Ace Fitness that was discussing the benefits of couples that participate in a personal training program together. I thought it was excellent and I would like to share some […]

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