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Your Superhero Workout

From resistance training and weight-lifting to sprinting and swimming, there are plenty of exercises you can do, inspired by your favorite superheroes! Here are a few ideas that, when put together, equal a great superhero workout.

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10 Sweat Worthy Workouts

Get your towel and water bottle, because your sweat game is about to get real strong! Here is a list of workouts that are guaranteed to get the blood pumping and the sweat flowing. BONUS: some of these you can easily do when time is not on your side.

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Battle Ropes Basics and Sample Workouts

The use of battle ropes in workouts today is increasing tremendously. Gyms are providing them and trainers are continuing to incorporate them into client’s workouts. With the many benefits and simple execution, they’re becoming more and more popular for active people everywhere. According to John Brookfield, creator of the original battling-ropes system, “They’re a must-have tool […]

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