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4 Reasons You Should Try a Barre Class

Barre Fusion, Barre Basics, Ballet Barre class…the names all have one thing in common, and a single originator. Barre ballet as a form of exercise combines movements from ballet, yoga, and Pilates. Here are four reasons why you should try ballet barre classes.

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Ballet Barre – It’s Not Just for Girls Anymore!

It’s true that ladies tend to gravitate to the ballet barre workouts due to its emphasis on strength in full range of motion, focus on muscular endurance, and creating a leaner line, versus a large “bulky” physique.  But men also love the barre class, because it fine tunes the body, and works well if you […]

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Barre Fusion and Barre 30, Class Review & Comparison

Two years ago, just after my son was born, I was watching an infomercial during his routine 2:30am feeding titled “Get a Dancer’s Body.” I should have known this program was purposefully placed to prey on sleep-deprived mothers everywhere who would give almost anything to regain the body, not to mention the confidence that existed 9 months and […]

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