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How to Avoid Injury & Pain in Yoga Class

We’ve all heard it before, read about it everywhere and talked about it with physicians, family and friends. If it is true, that yoga is a great salve for the body, mind and soul, then why does my body hurt before, during and/or after class? Here’s a few tips for stopping and even preventing injury and pain during […]

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Yoga Etiquette: Don’t Disturb the Flow

Yoga is a time to restore and rejuvenate, and in order to obtain these benefits you have to be willing to disconnect and turn off the outside world. Be present in the moment, quiet the mind, and take a technology break!

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5 Asanas for Golfers

Every golfer, whether amateur or professional, wants to play better golf, lower their handicap, and limit injuries. To make that happen, golfers must access all resources: instruction, technology, and the power of the body. However, if your body cannot perform optimally, it doesn’t matter how many sessions you take with a pro or how much […]

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