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4 Ways to Take a Leap This Year

It’s still early in the year which means you still have plenty of time to get started with some of those new year’s resolutions. But…do you really? Oftentimes people like to put things on the back burner because, “there’s still time.” But then all of a sudden December rolls around again…is there still time? This […]

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29 Things To Do On Leap Day (aka Bonus Day)

HAPPY BONUS DAY! CONGRATS! You got a whole extra 24 hours of time this year. What are you going to do with it? Go to work, go to the gym, hang with the kids? Yes. BUT on this bonus day, you shall do it with flair. Here are 29 things to do on leap day—aka your […]

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Member Stories: Tim Stark "When I retired, I wanted to do something big"

This story originally appeared in the Fall 2014 edition of our seasonal magazine. “When I retired, I wanted to do something big.” Tim Stark, a veteran marathon runner and Elite Sports Clubs member, took his retirement plan to a whole new level and walked across Scotland in the fall of 2012. Having accomplished such a feat, […]

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