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Local Youth Events that Get Your Children Active

Elite Sports Clubs boasts some of the best kids programming in the Milwaukee area. We want to encourage active and healthy lifestyles. It’s important to teach kids the importance of physical activity, and develop healthy habits early on so they carry them into adulthood. Here are just some of Elite Sports Clubs’ local youth events.

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Active Play at the Quad

In a world where technology becomes somewhat of a necessity in a lot of our lives, unfortunately it also becomes a major distraction, especially for kids. Taking breaks from screen time and encouraging active play is essential for the development of young kids. Bringing your kids to the club is a great way for them […]

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15 Exercise Games and Activities for Kids

In today’s age of smartphones, video games, and YouTube, getting kids away from their screens can sometimes be a challenge. At Elite, we encourage parents to start the healthy habit of keeping kids active early, so that they form the habit and grow to love an active lifestyle. So how do you start? Well, kids […]

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