Join us for a special 4-week challenge designed specifically to help motivate people of ALL fitness abilities to start and stay active! The challenge also encourages team building, camaraderie, education, friendly competition, and results. This program is perfect for corporate wellness, social or networking groups, and community organizations.

Get Results & Have Fun!

Participants will be divided up into teams of 4-6 and earn points individually and as a group. (Minimum of 8 individuals to start the challenge. No maximum— the more the merrier!)

Every participant will earn points by completing workouts of their choice, participating in weekly challenges, attending group exercise classes, and doing one group training per week with the team trainer.


  • One-month membership to all five Elite Sports Clubs locations during the challenge • Prizes for the winning team and individual (and bragging rights) • Pre and post party with food and beverages


What is included?

  • Full Challenge where you earn points for completing team and individual activities
  • Full 4-week membership at all 5 Elite clubs
  • Kick off party and post party with your team/trainer
  • Unlimited group exercise classes: 300+ per week including Cycling, yoga, pilates, aqua, strength training, Zumba and more
  • Weekly training with your team
  • Prizes for top teams and individuals
  • Complimentary childcare
  • Weekly bonus seminars/classes with our nutrition and fitness staff

How do we play?

Each week you will compete against a different team. This will rotate until each team plays each other in their rival bracket.

How do I win?

While the overall goal of this program is to help every participant have fun, get active, and reach personal goals, we do have prizes for the top individual point leader after 4 weeks AND the team who wins the final playoff round.

When do I meet the trainer?

You will meet your trainer at the opening kickoff party.

How are the points tallied for the team and individual?

You earn points for a wide variety of activities. Examples include:

  • Club check-ins
  • Daily activity in minutes
  • Completing weekly challenges
  • Completing group classes
  • Completing bonus “48 Hour Challenges”
  • Attending group training sessions with your team
  • Attending weekly group health/fitness symposiums
  • These can be altered to fit your organization’s personal goals and interests

How are the points compiled?

You will receive an activity log and it will be completed weekly. The weeks run Monday-Sunday and then reset. You will turn in your sheets or email to your challenge commissioner after each “work week” so they can be compiled.

I have a personal weight loss or training goal, will this program help?

Yes. You are able to do full body-composition, strength, flexibility, body-age, and lifestyle testing included with your trainer to help reach personal goals. Your trainer can help put a full action and accountability plan together.

What if I want to join the club as a full member?

You will have the option to join the club before, during, and right after your challenge. A special membership offer will be included for those interested.

What if I want to get involved in other sports or activities at the club such as tennis, swim lessons, adult-sports leagues, or other options?

You have full membership privileges during your challenge and may sign-up for ANY club program, lesson, league, etc. Must have EFT on file for billing.

What if my spouse wants to join in on the membership?

You can add your spouse on for an extra $100.