5 Cardio Exercises to Get You Off the Treadmill

Tired of the same old cardio routine? There are plenty of ways to get in a good cardio workout besides running on the treadmill or elliptical. Here are five alternative cardio exercises that will get your heart pumping!


How Exercise Contributes to Wellness

Wellness is not just about eating right, meditation, stress management, or exercise. Wellness is about every aspect coming together for the common goal of feeling great. While all these aspects are equally important, this blog will focus on how exercise specifically contributes to wellness. (more…)

Valentine's Day Red Velvet Brownie Recipe

Want to create a delectable treat for you and your significant other this Valentine’s Day but want to avoid lots of added sugar and calories? Try this red velvet brownie recipe!


Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.

Our lives are busy, which makes it easy for us to overlook the need for growth. When we are comfortable with our lives we tend to take the easy route instead of challenging ourselves to gain more knowledge or a new skill and forget to challenge ourselves. We do not grow when things are easy. When you challenge yourself, you will transform.


7 Bodyweight Exercises that Require 0 Equipment

Sometimes busy schedules get in the way of going to the gym, but you don’t have to miss out on your exercise routine because of it! Working out at home is a perfectly suitable alternative, and you don’t have to have expensive home equipment to do it. Try these bodyweight exercises that require zero equipment. (more…)