The Benefits of Setting High Goals In today’s post, since we’re focused on aiming high in all aspects of our lives this month, let’s discuss some of the upsides of setting definitive, high goals. (more…)
running misconceptions There are a number of misconceptions surrounding runners and weight training. Many runners feel they shouldn’t lift weights because it will hinder their performance. However, the opposite it true. Let’s look at some of these running misconceptions and how weight lifting actually benefits runners. (more…)
MyPlate and the History of Food Guides The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has presented several Food Guides over the last 70+ years to help consumers create the ideal diet. These guides are visual representations of the nutritional recommendations for that time period. The newest of the USDA Food Guides is called MyPlate. Before we get into what MyPlate is, let’s take a quick look at the history of USDA Food Guides. (more…)
Trainer Highlight - Curt Minter Curt Minter is a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor at Elite Sports Club-River Glen and Elite Sports Club-North Shore. Curt strives to help his clients feel and move better because he understands the struggles they face. Learn all about Curt Minter and his take on health and fitness! (more…)
Boosting Your Self-Esteem Through Fitness We are all our own worst critics, and your perceptions of your own capabilities play a part in negative thinking. In today’s blog, let’s focus on increasing your self-esteem and self-worth through the benefits that exercise can provide. (more…)